New Acquisitions Inc: Customer Service will Increase Profit Margins


Atlanta-based marketing firm, New Acquisitions has stressed the importance of good customer service and how it can increase a brand’s bottom line.

New Acquisitions is a marketing firm that specializes in creating personalized marketing programs for clients spanning many industries from consumer electronics to home entertainment services. The firm have established themselves as a powerful marketing solution due to their customer centric approach which focuses on valuing each customer as an individual and recognizing their own personal needs.

By focusing on keeping customer service levels high, New Acquisitions has been able to achieve increased customer retention rates and an impressive ROI for all their clients. The firm believe that by improving their customer service strategy any business could soon see an increase in profits and longer lasting customer connections.

It may be surprising to some, but research has shown that more customers base their buying decisions on the service they receive than the price of the product. Customers look for businesses that share their values and build an emotional connection to that business through those shared values. These connections are what encourages a customer to stay loyal to a brand but a business must also provide high service to maintain these connections. People are creatures of habit and customers who receive great customer service are likely to return to that business and recommend their services to others which generates a wealth of new customers for a business.

Marketing specifically to attract new customers can be an expensive process for a business, especially a business that is still relatively small and where funding is difficult. It’s far more cost effective for businesses to look after existing customers and ensure they are respected and listened to. Feedback from loyal customers can provide a great insight into what services competitors are providing and how a business can improve their products to better suit consumers changing needs. Feedback of this nature is generally far more honest and can help a business understand how to appeal to a wider customer base which will increase profits and brand awareness.

New Acquisitions, who are based in Buckhead, Atlanta, believe that many businesses could increase their profits by reviewing their customer service strategies. By reviewing every stage of the customer experience businesses can identify any weaknesses in their approach and adjust their strategies accordingly to make sure customer requirements are met. Focusing on improving customer experience will encourage existing customer to remain loyal and spend more on the businesses products, while also attracting new customer through a positive brand reputation.




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